A Girl Scout is expected to pack her own bag so she knows what she has and where to find it. Each girl should carry 1 bag with all personal equipment and 1 bag with sleeping bag. Everything is to be labeled.

      Parent Permission Form

      Necessary Medicines (in pharmacy/manufacturer's bottles with dosages clearly indicated)

      Warm Sleeping bag - no indoor (character type) sleeping bags

      Sheet if hot or blanket if cool (optional)    (Tents have mattresses, and putting a fitted twin sheet over the mattress adds a layer of cleanliness, and will help keep sleeping bags from sliding off the mattresses. In hot weather sheets provide some protection from mosquitoes without the warmth of a sleeping bag.)

      Air mattress or foam sleeping pad (optional)




      Long pants

      Shorts if hot weather is forecast

      t-shirts and/or long sleeved shirts

      sleeping clothes (no nightgowns)

      bathing suit & towel

      sweatshirt and/or jacket (check weather forecast

      sturdy tie shoes (no sandals, flats, etc. allowed) plus extra pair of sneakers

      boots if there is ANY chance of rain


      hat & gloves (it can get very cold at night)   

      poncho or raincoat

      hat and gloves

      Toiletries (travel size in small Ziploc bag works great).  AVOID perfume, hairspray or makeup – the smell can attract small animals & insects.

o      Hairbrush /comb /hair elastics, etc.

o      toothbrush/toothpaste

o      soap

o      washcloth/small towel

      Sun screen

      Insect repellent

      Flashlight w/ extra bulb and batteries

      Water bottle

      Mess Kit (Plate/bowl/cup/utensils and dunk bag)   


      Plastic bags for dirty clothes

      Small stuffed "friend" to sleep with (optional)

      Books, cards, small games

      Do not bring jewelry to camp. If you have pierced earrings, you may not wear dangles or hoops. Only small post earrings are allowed so they donŐt catch on anything.

      No radios, hairdryers, curling irons or any electronic devices (ie. Mp3s, ipods)