Daisy Petal Ideas



v  Light blue – Honest and Fair

¯   Each girl had a turn to hold the flag, start the Pledge and start the Friendship Hug. We would take turns (being fair) and honestly report when we had completed each one of those jobs so that we could accurately tell who had and had not had turns to do these things.

¯   Question and Answer Game/ÓAesopÕs FableÓ

¯   Divided up homemade pizza. Read book ÒHonestyÓ by Jane Moncure.

¯   Read the ÒHonest-to-Goodness TruthÓ book. Divided up candy fairly.

¯   I gave the girls a basket of various balls (the lightweight balls that come with a ball pit). I made sure that there were enough balls so that all the girls could have the same number of balls. However, it was up to them to divide them up among themselves so that each one would have the same number of balls. I asked them what would happen if some girls got more balls than othersÉ to make sure that they understood how that would not be fair. After the balls were divided up fairly they got to toss their balls into a box that I had decorated and cut an opening in.



v  Yellow – Friendly & Helpful

¯   Helped clean-up at meetings

¯   We went with another Daisy troop to Golden Pond. The girls served cookies to the senior citizens and cleaned up after. We brought a Christmas craft that the girls handed out and helped the ladies make. And we sang them Christmas carols.



v  Light Green – Considerate and Caring

¯   Earned money to buy gifts for a little boy; wrapped gifts together as a troop

¯   ÒColor-a SmileÓ, each Daisy colored a picture which we sent to color-a smile who distributes pictures to people in the hospital to brighten their day

¯   We participated in the Food Drive held in the fall



v  Red – Courageous and Strong

¯   Hiking & Crossing bridges. We went on a hike to Mammoth Rock in Upton State Forest at the close of our year.

¯   Each girl tried or did something that was difficult for her

¯   We did exercises (Hand stands, push ups, jumping jacks, etc.) for strong. And for courageous the girls stood in front of the troop one (or two) at a time and did something (sing, dance, tell a joke).

¯   Went sledding at EMC park



v  Orange – Responsible for What I Say and Do

¯   Educational packet ÒAm I ResponsibleÓ. Chore chart to take home

¯   Talked about helping words & phrases vs. language that hurts feelings

¯   Talk about being responsible for what is in your mouth and what comes out of your mouth. Make sure your words are nice and not hurtful. Take care of your teeth. We got stuff from Dr. Lynch (a video, information packet, toothbrushes, etc.)



v  Purple – Respect Myself and Others

¯   Charades game with situations to think about

¯   Talked about saying nice things, not mean things and taking care of our bodies to respect ourselves.


v  Magenta – Respect Authority

¯   Visited Hopkinton Police Department

¯   Talked about types of authority and how to treat these people in our community

¯   We had Officer Buckley, HopkintonÕs community officer, visit us at our meeting. He taught us about emergencies, bike safety, etc. The Daisies got to sit in his police car.


v  Green – Use Resources Wisely

¯   Made birdfeeders from stale bagels, PB and birdseed

¯   Used all recycled materials to make pen pal cards

¯   Talked about conserving resources in other ways

¯   Had each girl bring in something they made from something that would normally be thrown out.

¯   The girls brought leftover objects from home, items that would have otherwise been thrown away, such as shoe boxes, yogurt containers, leftover wrapping paper, ribbons, etc. These items were ÒrecycledÓ into a craft project by gluing the decorative leftover items onto the boxes or other containers to make something pretty and useful.



v  Rose – Make the World a Better Place

¯   Worked at a recycling center sorting cans/bottles collected to earn money for service project

¯   We got together with another Daisy troop at EMC park. We picked up trash all over the park.

¯   Planted flower boxes and brought them to the Respite Center



v  Violet – Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout

¯    Pen pals with Holliston Daisy troop

¯    We made Valentine cards for another Daisy troop

¯    Made a ÒChain of LoveÓ with the names of our Daisies and the Daisies from another troop and gave it to them


(These are ideas given by Hopkinton Girl Scout leaders. There are many more ideas online if you search for ÒDaisy Petal IdeasÓ.)